Ask your dental laboratory to use a microchip on your next denture.

Each DentureID microchip contains a unique ID number. Your dental laboratory uses this ID number and a password to input basic information about the denture into the website, such as the denture Patient's name, date of fabrication and materials used. This information could be important to identify the owner, and may contain valuable information about the denture, such as teeth, denture base, attachments, etc. This information could be invaluable if the denture should require repair. You and your Denture patient can add information on the website as you choose using the unique ID number and password.

Your dental laboratory will provide two certificates as shown at right. Keep one with your patient records and give the other to the patient. Optional: Use the microchip ID number and password printed on the certificate to access the website. You can even advertise your practice by uploading a logo!

The embedded microchip can be read by any Android-enabled smart phone by first downloading the app, then scan the chip by direct contact with the back of the smart phone. Information saved on the website will appear on the smart phone within seconds.